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I shot another precious newborn yesterday.  I am really enjoying shooting Children and Maternity.  God has blessed me by allowing me to meet some wonderful people while photographing children this summer.  Most have been new parents and are so excited.  I feel so privileged to be able to document such a wonderful time in the lives of these new little families.  It is even a greater privilege to document the first year of a child’s life.   To provide memories of the different milestones and capture the individuality of a child as he/she begins to develop into the person that God has designed them to be.

I love the way that shooting newborns allows a slower pace.  We can stop and rest, change the baby, feed the baby, or just let mom or dad hold and cuddle their little bundle of joy.  When processing images I realized how blessed I am to witness the interaction between parent and child.  To be able to document the love that a parent has for their new little baby is such an honor.  To share in one of the happiest times in a person’s life is one of the best perks of this career.  That is why I’m so passionate about what I do.  It is such an honor each time a client request that I be present to celebrate the things that are the most memorable to their lives.

When shooting a bride and groom it is wonderful to document the love, excitement, and passion between the couple, but to  capture the love and tenderness in a new little family can sometimes overwhelm you.  That is what I love about Lifestyle Photography.  I don’t just take photos, but I get to capture these precious moments in time.  I get to freeze the twinkle in the eye of a mother whose heart is bursting with love for this little person who needs her so much.  To freeze a frame as a new baby holds and clings to the finger of his/her father which is the strong tower they will cling to as he/she grows up.  Children are such a wonderful gift from God and I’m so blessed that God has given me a talent to provide parents with such wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  I love my job.

Below is a sneak peak from yesterday’s session.


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  • Bethany & David Wray - Thank you for taking our pictures! We had a great time. You were so patient in waiting to catch the best moments :) and you are very talented. We can’t wait to see the rest!

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