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E. Newborns

Two post in one day.  That has to be a record for me.  Anyway, here is another Lifestyle Newborn session I shot last week.  These images are rather sentimental to me though.  This little one is like family.  Her mom and I have been friends since 4th grade.  We grew up together attending the same church and same school.  We graduated together and were part of a group of 4 girls who were best of friends.  I feel so honored that she would allow me to document and share in this time of her life.  I plan to follow baby E. for the first year of her life and document the milestones as she grows and develops into a precious little toddler.  Already I can see so much of her mom in her when she gets that pensive look on her face.  Investigating the world around her.  I can just see her little mind working.  Just like her mom when we were young.  Thanks to D. and A.  Ya’ll did good.  She is adorable.

30x30 storyboard blog

I just love storyboards for Newborns


This is on of my favorites.  Such a sweet little family.


16x20 storyboard blog

This little dress was made by her great grandmother.  Such talent.  Just had to photograph in it so it could be a keepsake.

10x20 storyboard blog

Daddy’s Girl!



Such a sweet moment between mom and baby.


I thought it was so cute how her lttle fist wrap around the fabric of her daddy’s shirt.




16x20 black story board blog


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  • chanel - Emily I love you!! Great pics Mandy! I especially love the one in color of her putting her little finger up to her mouth :)

  • Cindy - you captured those precious little features beautifully. I love all the details and the hair on the back …… too cute! (O:

  • brooke - the last pic is super cute

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