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I’m doing a project on “Time” for my Design class.  We have to tell a story about something that happens over time.  I decided to tell the story about my grandfather who was left in an orphanage at 5 months old with nothing, but now he has this good life and big family.  When he left the orphange he joined the Army.  He made friends with a man in Deridder and would travel to Louisiana with him.  He later met my grandmother and they were married.  Her family was the first real family he ever had.  He had gained a mother, father, and 3 sisters.  They had 3 children and later 6 grandchildren.  By the time he was 60 he had met his sister, 2 of his brothers, and his mother.  They were able to spend several years getting to know one another.  She lived until her late 90’s.  What a full life she had and such a blessing for him and her both to meet again in their lifetime.  I thought it was great that we all got to meet his family once when we traveled to North Carolina to my great Aunt and Uncle’s anniversary party.  One neat thing is that one of my great aunts is also a photography.  Pretty cool, don’t you think!  Anyway, here are some photographs I’ve gathered from his days at the orphange, when my grandparents dated and married, and current one’s I’ve taken.  Hope you enjoy them b/c I had fun shooting them.


This is a photograph of the orphanage where he lived.


These are some of the children waving to the photographer taking the photograph.  My grandfather is the last one on the left.


My grandfather is the one at the top of the swing set on the right.


He is the one in the middle with the blaid shirt.


This is Pawpaw with his favorite calf.  My cousin Brent really favors him.


This is Pawpaw the night him and my grandmother met.


This is Mawmaw when they met.


This is one of their wedding photos.


These next few are of Pawpaw



Here are some of Pawpaw and Mawmaw


Here are a few of their dog, Nicole


© 2009, mandinikole. All rights reserved.

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  • lynett steele - Mandi, I love all the new stuff. It is so interesting to view your work.

  • kristen leigh - girl im lovin’ the page! looks very time consuming but it is awesome!! let me know if ya add stuff..!!!!

  • Bobby - Bobby (yo greatuncle ” tubman ” Williams – Thank you for remembering and sharing with others someone who loves us all and freely gives his love to us. The lives of his brothers, sister and their families are enriched beyond measure because of his bravery and the desire to seek the family he so rightfully deserved. I also know if not for the courage of his loving wife, children and grandchildren, I and my brother and sister would have missed one of God’s blessings and would not be whole.

  • Jo - I love the one of them holding hands!

  • Jo - those are really great!!

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