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{Baton Rouge Photographer} Zena Senior Portraits

I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted.  Have been taking finals and traveling back to Ruston to register for the fall semester.  More on that later.  First, lets talk about Zena.  Zena was such a pleasure to photograph.  She was up to try anything.  I had been shopping at Time Warp for clothes for models to wear during my “Make it Work with Mandi”  Workshop (more on that later too) and Zena modeled a few of the outfits for me. Her mom was great also.  We shot most of our photos around the State Capitol and the lake near the Governor’s Mansion.  Zena, sorry so late blogging.  Hope you liked your portraits.

I’m am crazy for vintage clothes.  I just loved this cute little mini and it looked great on Zena.

If you would like Senior Portraits that are unique and different I would be glad to shoot your Senior Portraits.  You can reach me at the contact link above or call me at 225-328-1042.  I am still  booking sessions for 2010 and taking appointments for 2011 Seniors.  I am also booking Seniors in the Monroe, West Monroe, and Ruston Area this fall.   I am also still looking for Senior Reps         for 2011.  I will provide more information on how to apply at the end of this post.

This little dress from Time Warp remembered me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. When I found this little patch of grass just had to get that fairy tale shot in.

I am currently searching for Senior Reps for 2011.  Your session fee will be free  and you have the ability to build print credit for your Senior Portraits.  You can find out how to apply at by visiting my blog post by clicking here

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