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Hello Fellow Photogs and Bloggers,

Wow, two post in one day. Love my job!:)EEEK! I’m really excited to share this post! The LeJeune family, whom I must say I adore and have grown to think of as family, contacted me to shoot photos for their beautiful little children, Landon and Aubry! I was thrilled to shoot for them again.

I was super pumped when Keri contacted me for Christmas photos.I haven’t been able to  photograph them since Aubry was a newborn because I had been away at college. Aubry is now 18months and adorable as can be. I wasn’t surprised about how precious she was because I keep up with them on FB. Landon has also grown into a fine little man. I love that part of my job, getting to watch the kids grow up and their personalities develop can be so fun.

We shot the images at Pawpaw’s house this time.. he has this amazing old red ford vintage truck (I adore-a photographer’s dream).  When Keri chose the location I was definitely all for it!!  She also had this great idea to shoot with balloons.  I love it when parents toss around ideas with me. The more creative the better and Keri is super creative. Check out her FB fan page KLynn Creations. She has some cute stuff.  Any way enough rambling from me. Here are some of my favorite images from the day. <3 you guys!! Hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with one of them together. Precious

This was one of my favorites. He looks like such a Lil man.

Love the lines in this one.  She is so cute!

This one was also one of my favorites. Love the way they look so natural.

We couldn’t get the phone away without her crying. Love the outfit so just had to post one of her on the phone. Girly girl all the way.

This was my favorite from the entire shoot. Keri the balloons were a great idea.

The entire family!

If you would like photographs of your children that are unique and different I would be glad to photograph them and your family.  You can reach me at the contact link above or call me at 225-328-1042 or email me at  I am still  booking portraits, children, families, maternity, and lifestyle for 2011 and 2012.  I would be glad to meet with you and discuss pre-set packages or design something that meets your every need. At this time I am not requiring a minimum order with sessions.


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